A Sheep at the Wheel is a yarn shop that caters to knitters and crocheters of all skill levels. We carry hand dyed yarns from Texas based independent dyers, as well as international and domestic yarn brands and supplies for knitting and crochet. Our small-size classes are perfect for beginners, but we also have specialized classes if you’re up to a challenge. We want to bring heart to textile arts, so stop in and say hello!

What Yarnies Are Saying


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We, owners Susan & Dean, opened the shop in June of 2015. Our family has been in Georgetown for over 20 years, and we wanted to give something back. For me (Susan), the interest in knitting began years ago: My aunt Anne taught me (or more accurately, attempted to teach me) to knit and to crochet at the age of six. At that time, I was much more interested in playing with her chickens and milk cow, Heidi.  Years later, it felt like the right time to dust off aunt Anne’s lessons. My first re-entry project was a felted bag, then some comfy socks, then a sweater for my son and then… well, you get the idea. I was hooked.

I love being creative and sharing the activity with those who have a similar interest.  For me, creativity means taking a material and making it into something of interest or beauty.  There is much satisfaction in defining the project, planning the colors, selecting the textures, imagining the play of light on the finished article, and then bringing it to reality. Opening the shop was a natural extension of my creative process.  Being surrounded by a palette of color and texture, discussing projects, materials, experiences and techniques with fiber enthusiasts… I couldn’t imagine a better way to spend the day!